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"I have had the pleasure of hearing Louie speak on several occasions. His enthusiasm, preparation, and wisdom always leave me feeling inspired! His message always creates a sense of self-reflection and is an anecdote to the craziness of the times we live in. I have booked Louie for several events - large and small - and highly recommend him if you are seeking a speaker!"
"Louie Sharp has such a passion for helping people. You can feel the positive energy when he speaks. Whenever Louie speaks at an FBLA Conference it is always standing room only. The students across the country know what an amazing and powerful speaker he is."
Wendy Mills
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"Louie’s unique blend of wisdom, practical guidance and spirituality, will propel you out of your fears and limiting beliefs so you can step into a larger, more gratifying life. If you’re seeking to grow in your business or your personal life, you will find Louie’s coaching skills and experience to be invaluable. His authentic and accessible nature make him a joy to work with."
Karen Holmes
"I've known Louie Sharp a tick over 3 years. He is a fine presenter on the topic of leadership. I've seen him fully engage audiences from the stage and from the screen. Smiles, laughter and dramatic breakthroughs occur when Louie speaks."
Jared Silver
At A Glance Marketing
"My first experience listening to Louie Sharp was in fact a great experience. Very knowledgeable and interactive. The way he comes across is sincere and caring, so you know he is passionate about the work he does."
Adrienne Hickey
"Louie is an incredibly gifted leader, speaker, and overall human being. Recently working with him as a keynote speaker - the attention to detail in not only his slides, but overall quality of presentation was impeccable. I highly recommend!"
Meghan Horan
"I have had the pleasure of listening to Louie Sharp address multiple audiences. He is engaging and energetic in his delivery as he confronts each subject with such passion that no one walks away untouched. Louie is one of those special individuals that you can’t stop thinking of once you hear what he has to say. As an owner of a construction company I would not hesitate to hire him to inspire my peers."
Peggy Shulha
FireWorks Design & Remodeling, Inc.
"Louie Sharp is not just an inspiring and passionate leader, speaker and coach, but also a truly incredible person. I've been fortunate to know and work with Louie for nearly 10 years, and I still leave every conversation with him motivated and driven to be a better leader. Louie has spoken at our events (both in the form of keynotes and smaller, breakout workshops), appeared in our magazines, and been a member of our advisory board. This fall (September 2021), Louie delivered an opening keynote for our event that received a standing ovation and left many in tears; as of writing this nearly two months later, we still are hearing feedback on how impactful his talk was to our attendees. Whether you're looking for someone to consult with your team, coach you as a leader, or speak at your event, I couldn't recommend Louie enough."
Bryce Evans
"Louie’s final story was so expertly tailored to our group that it led to a standing ovation. I highly recommend Louie Sharp as an exceptional addition to any program"
Theresa Sperling
PSC Inc.
"Have you ever had the opportunity of being in the presence of a truly gifted speaker? I have…. Louie Sharp speaks from the bottom of his heart about truly important matters, not fluff. During the presentation, everyone in the room was attentive for each and every second of his presentation and I received so many compliments about scheduling such a gifted speaker. Louie truly made a difference in everyone’s lives during that keynote speech."
Linda Vandais
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